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Italians “un tricolore a stelle e strisce”


Italians “a flag with stars and stripes” wants to tell Little Italy through the eyes looks the stories and colors of Italians living the present Little Italy.
It does this through the sensitivity of the two authors Giovanni Pellerito and Peter Zullo.

Giovanni Pellerito an expert on strategic communications, founder and editor of Benvenuta Italia, has mapped how much Italian is today in a cosmopolitan metropolis like New York, by means of the curious and refined eye of Peter Zullo.

A succession of passion, emotions, moods and ways of doing thinks that still give meaning to a little more, Little Italy.

The book features a preface of the Founder and President of the Italian American Museum in Little Italy, Dr. Joseph V. Scelsa, who synthesized the work of the two authors with these words:

“It has been said of Italians and America that they found it, named it and build it, but more then they believed in it, not only in America as a land with great opportunity but as a place were they could be free to be the creative talented dedicated people they are. After all, it is in their DNA.”

Giovanni Pellerito and Peter Zullo have captured their spirit of devotion to quality of life through words and pictures which make the Italian American Story come alive.


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